Who Am I and If So How Many, by R.D. Precht

What I like about such books is that they are so enabling; huge domains of knowledge and study are compressed, filtered but mostly ORGANISED and ANALYSED in such a way that a complete layperson can read the book and be able to approach some of the key issues within those domains.

This book does not only succeed in enabling readers to get a big picture of philosophical questions, or to get some insight into the philosophical thinking pattern; it is also fun and gripping. The tone is never lecturing; the “heavy”, “philosophical stuff” is constantly contextualised within controversial issues of our times: animal rights, environmental ethics, genetic programming, is there such a thing as an “I”, or a brain spot responsible for the religious feeling – and so on.

An absolute must for those who want to get an executive summary on what the human species has produced, thinking-wise. As well as for those who want to refresh their social talk.

Who Am I? And If So, How Many?: A Journey Through Your Mind