What we say for Easter

There are times around the year when people are supposed to say things. A happy new year, Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, enjoy your holidays.

In Orthodox Romania there is an obligatory formula just after midnight Saturday to Easter-Sunday. It’s something like “Christ has resurrected“, and the others must say “Indeed He has resurrected“. Traditionally this form of greeting must replace the usual hello for the 6 weeks between Easter and Ascension – when people will say “Christ has ascended“, and the reply goes “Indeed He has ascended“.

What people say, or are supposed to say, is more than words in such cases. I talked about my motto “language is action” long ago in my posts and this today is another sample of action that we undertake by uttering words. With the words we commit ourselves to a belief, or simply to a ritual or a tradition. With the words we carry out a certain behaviour – as greeting is behaviour after all – and rules.

What words are part of your code of behaviour, of your rituals, traditions or festivals?