Tragic, comic? Super-hero, good-for-nothing?

In this post a map for orientation in the thick jungle of stories in literature or in culture, generally. What do Othello and Oedipus have in common? Where does Tess of the D’Urbervilles fit in? What’s James Bond’s affiliation here? From the grand myths to the cruelty of horror films – is there really a path connecting them?

Could it be that man has created different types of heroes at different times in history? including nowadays, a particular kind of hero with a type of story to enact? Is it true that heroes like King Arthur, Lancelot or even Don Quixote belong to the archives? Or maybe are we going back to myths and generating new ones? The not-really-grand myths of the common person, or of Superman-the-saviour-of-the-planet?

I outline, in this presentation, the framework designed by Northrop Frye, one of the most prestigious literary theoreticians of the 20th century. A nice path throughout human creation of heroes and stories.

Watching the presentation you can simply click on the “play” button in the bottom corner on the left, for autoplay, or you can navigate back and forth using the arrows in the centre. You can also choose the full-screen option. Just enjoy the ride!