The Heart of Darkness, by J. Conrad

One of those few books in literature where an unbiased reader cannot really make up their mind for one level of significance. Some may read it as a manifesto against African invasion, against imperialism etc. Others see it as a psychological book about human nature in general. I guess it can be read as such indeed. But there is a brilliant interplay of black and white, of the symbolism of river and wood, of ivory and mist, of night and day, but most of all a reversal of good and bad, of reality and dream, of darkness and light. Is Schwarz the white man? or is it a funny mysterious guy? or maybe an alter ego of the hero himself, that dark, unexplorable mystery in each human, that can turn us to gods or to beasts? It seems that THAT is the horror: how the white becomes a dark shadow, the wonder-worker a demon, reality a nightmare, the civilized a savage, the hunter a hunted. One of the most compelling visions of the world upside down that I have ever read.

Heart of Darkness