Odysseus: a hero for all times

Why Odysseus?

Today I’m turning to a new broad topic that has to do with how we can see, analyse and understand reality. This new topic is related to mythology, not meaning that I’m going to present some myths, or stories of gods and heroes; but meaning that I’m going to take certain myths and explain what it is in them that is universal for human fate. I‘m also going to look at how the myth provides an essential pattern, a model of a situation, of a behaviour, just the way our personality and physical features are coded in the microscopic DNA. This will become easier to see if we look at the various forms and versions of the myth that have been incorporated again and again, in works of art and literature, at how they’ve been taken up by philosophers, anthropologists or psychologists. Today I‘m looking at one of the best known myth, of maybe a most popular hero: Odysseus.

I start from the hard facts about Odysseus, from his CV, as it were. And his CV will make it clear that there’s more to this man than his CV.

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