As I say in the video, today I’ll be using a mind map to talk about the liberal doctrine. Why liberalism? Because I’ve talked about culture and liberalism is the fundamental block of Western culture; other cultures’ hot feelings about Westerners have in fact to do with their opposition to the liberal standpoint. Liberalism gives us, Westerners, the reasons to be proud and feel lucky (human rights, prosperity, freedom) but also supplies the starting point for our dilemmas and complaints (capitalist greed, alienation, loss of human values).

I also included a short video with Milton Friedman, who I must confess I only discovered recently. His persuasion and charisma are remarkable, it’s just that for all my limited knowledge of politics, I can sense some failing arguments in what he says. Nevertheless, a great thinker and a great speaker too. There are many YouTube videos with him that are both informative and interesting to watch.

So enjoy my presentation and feel free to get back with any comments. I’m no specialist in political studies, so any feedback will be useful.

Liberalism from Simona Petrescu on Vimeo.