HR Task: Analyse Data with a Score Card

This task is part of the HR process of managing performance, when HR managers collect and analyse data regarding staff performance. It involves stages that can be verbalised, such as “examining data”, which can be verbalised in the way of “presenting the data”, or “thinking aloud about the data”. It also involves, however, stages that are purely mental, such as “comparing the results to benchmarks”, which is a processing stage, resulting in findings that may again be put in language. So the basic moves that are performed when analysing data could be simplistically represented as:

Simona Petrescu Task-in-Process model, thinking and verbalising in the data analysis process

Thinking and verbalising in the data analysis process


The way to go for teaching purposes that I suggest and endorse in my course material is:

Simona Petrescu, Task-in-Process pedagogical process


The final mind map that I provide in my book “Manage Human Resources in English”, but which of course may look very different accommodating learner input, is this:

Simona Petrescu Task-in-Process model, analyse data with a score card

Analyse data with a score card