A pair of telling eyes

lines of promising lips

a smile between you’re lovely and you’re silly

and I can get very silly if you let me

a voice alluding, gliding, carrying


A flush of tingle

A wave of heat

Then the scent of a dream –

And the cannots.



Ebbing and flowing

Mounting and crashing

Breathe again.

Dozing off in the moonlight of the sleepless nights of the sweaty panting nights of breathing

the dream in ever deeper

The cannots and the dream – the clashes

the gushes of blood and sap

Breathe again.


Then a lightning of why cannot

what was it that I cannot for

the canning and the willing embrace each other

and another lightning

and another embrace

one after another all cannots collapse like cards


till you stand upright

face upturned into the sun

warming in the embrace

I am ready

I am ready


Well done

The lesson is over

You have with this course reached the all-star level

in the competences for love

You have successfully identified and moved past all your cannots

On our can-love scale you’re now

can love proficiently for no particular purpose, at full capacity of self-giving


The eyes-lips-smile-and-voice folded up again

back to the cabinet for instructional aids

blueprints of interim solutions,

any wet tissues,

scripts of probing fights,

drafts of confessions,

notes of questions held back,

all go crumpled to the bin.


Put the sketch of the dream away

You are free