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Enterprise English is about my ideas on language, effective communication, effective teaching and learning. Originally it was written mostly for learners, but my topics have inevitably led me to some argumentative postings that might interest teachers and theoreticians in the field of language studies.

I studied English language and literature and got my first MA in Applied Linguistics in Bucharest, Romania. In 2014 I got an MA in TESOL from Lancaster University in UK.

I’ve been a teacher of English for more years than I like to count. The figure is way too high, makes me feel old and venerable. I started this blog in 2010, because I felt that such a long history in a profession gives me a lot to say. My experience is mostly with adult learners, mostly in a corporate, but also in a language school setting. I have had Business English as bread and butter for managers and office workers but I have also done a lot of preparation courses for – mostly – Cambridge exams.

At some point, after getting off the enchantment with the huge range of English teaching materials, I started to produce my own seminar materials. A few years later I was producing whole course materials. That’s what brought me the ELTON award for Innovative Writing in 2011 – which is the most prestigious prize in the English Language Teaching industry, awarded by The British Council. The course material is now gathered in a book available on Amazon: Manage Human Resources in English (click on the book cover thumbnail on the right if you are interested in purchasing).

Any feedback is welcome! You can contact me by mail at sim.petrescu at googlemail.com.

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