What’s critical thinking, and why be critical thinkers?

This week I’m starting a series of talks centred on critical thinking. This first presentation looks at the two key pillars of critical thinking, logic and background knowledge, or knowledge of the world.

I will argue that to be a critical thinker you need to be able to analyse an argument logically and to use your knowledge of the world to judge the plausibility of the claims that are made.

I will also try to explain why it is worth taking the trouble to think critically: for our own sake, to keep safe from being manipulated and to become better communicators, but also to become critical citizens.

In searching for a framework to start from in such a complex subject I am very grateful for having found the Critical Thinker Academy website (http://www.criticalthinkeracademy.com/index.html).

So I hope you enjoy watching!

Critical Thinking from Simona Petrescu on Vimeo.