Creation in three steps




I create people.



I invent them.

For this purpose, I take the shadow that stops by,

I detect its black holes

and fill them in with the colours in my mind’s eyes.

Their words I wrap in the silences of the unspeakable revelation

lurking in my nightly dreams.


They bow to tie their shoe strings

and I see a temple they are paying homage to.

They drop a tear on the latest soap

and I uncover underground oceans of feeling

tossing in their breasts.

O am I generous creating the hero to my matching!


The people that I love

that I exult, and struggle, and weep for

are made of such substance as my own.


Inventing is however

not all there is to it.


With heroes one plays great epics.

My epics

My allegiance

My dedication!

The actors behind my heroes

start yearning to become

the heroes

matching the script.


This is the second wave

of creation.


Drawing them out

for what it is I see in them.

No power of persuasion

compares to the faith

someone places in us.

As mesmerized

the actors apply themselves to

emulating their heroic lookalikes.


And then

a bit further down that way

I bring the people in my life

to a watershed

past which there is no


A one-time test

of where they stand.

Of whether they have made it

through the creation.


And now you,

dear wandering knight,

what will I make of you?

What will I be drilling out of you?

Do you have what it takes to be created

at all?

And will you allow yourself to be created?


Or maybe you are already here

and I am not inventing you

but you are waiting solely

to be drawn out

to be completed.