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Language power, power language

Power is a social reality. It is a result of social conventions that set specific roles and relations to particular situations. Such settings (situation + roles + relations) are also called schemata. For instance going to the supermarket is a situation, a happening. Part of this happening is a specific configuration of roles: some people…

Life into language: living in the present perfect

One of the things I like best about English is its present perfect. It looks quite common, as many other languages have the same structure, have + Ved to talk about a past event. If we think about it, even the form is interesting: although you’re talking about the past, there is a grammar word that…

What we say for Easter

There are times around the year when people are supposed to say things. A happy new year, Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, enjoy your holidays. In Orthodox Romania there is an obligatory formula just after midnight Saturday to Easter-Sunday. It’s something like “Christ has resurrected“, and the others must say “Indeed He has resurrected“. Traditionally this…


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