Hello Reader,

it’s good you made it to this site. As you are just about to step in through the doorway, you might first want to know what’s in there. Just as, when you go into a restaurant, you first pick up the menu to see what you can expect to get. If you are to be my reader, you are also to be my guest. (It’s not me who thought up this connection; a funny book called Tom Jones, by Henry Fielding, begins just with such a “bill of fare to the feast”).

So my feast will include three dishes, which I hung just above this text. You may have them all, or only one of your choice. It’s up to you.

Forever Quixote, as you might guess, is another name I give myself. And what would a Quixote do? Obviously, spin stories of his imagination. Under Forever Quixote, therefore, you will find pieces of fiction that I write, or reviews of books that I post on Goodreads, or the one-off self-expression bit. My first novel, Loops and Strings (Simona Petrescu), is already on Amazon, both on paper and as a Kindle. More about it on the Quixote intro page.

The Rose and Its Name is a collection of educational posts about things I believe (young) people should know, as schools tend to focus on a kind of education that will bring one the certificate but not necessarily the meaningful abilities to analyse our reality. Some posts are text, others are video-recorded presentations based on Powerpoint, or on mind maps, podcasts, links to other sources on the Internet.

Finally, but actually at the moment still my richest dish, is Enterprise English. It’s not about the starship, though I do like the ambiguity. I chose the word “Enterprise” to refer to business, to professionals, because I set out originally from the idea of writing on professional English – what it is, how one should effectively learn (or teach) for professional purposes. It soon became however an exciting project for me, as I realised that there were so many things within a broader framework that I wanted to share about language and language learning. So you could say that while having this dish I started craving for yet more. In Romanian we say that the craving comes with the eating. There you go.

Don’t shy off asking for more and clicking on “Follow”. You can of course contact me using the form on the right.

Hope you enjoy the feast!



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